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Foot Reflexology

How Long Do I Need To Have Care

How Long Do I Need To Have Care

This is very individual and is dependent on your age, condition of your spine, overall fitness, diet, work environment, previous injuries or accidents etc.

Initial intensive care

If pain or other symptoms have prompted you to seek chiropractic care, the first thing you want is to feel better. Office visits will usually be frequent and your adjustments might be combined with other procedures to help you get some relief. Depending on your condition, previous injuries, your lifestyle etc, this initial stage of care might take a few visits to weeks to reduce pain and/or eliminate your symptoms.

Corrective care

Corrective care works on stabilizing your spine and promotes complete healing. Muscles and soft tissue damage often still remains after initial symptoms have reduced or are not present any more. Frequency of care is usually reduced in this period, and you are usually encouraged to do things at home as exercises and stretches to help along with the care. If we don’t stabilise your spine there may be an increased risk of relapse of your symptoms.

Maintenance or wellness care

When maximum functioning and improvement has been reached we usually recommend periodic maintenance or wellness visits. These visits will help detect and correct problems before they cause problems and symptoms down the track.

You are always in control of how long you want to benefit from Chiropractic care. We will always be honest and tell you what we think you need to get the full benefit of chiropractic care and get the best results. Your choice in the end is what results you are looking for; get rid of pain, improved function or optimal health.