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What To Expect

What To Expect

Initial consultation will usually take 30 min. Your chiropractor will take a comprehensive clinical history and perform an examination to find out what is going on with your spine, body and health, and to make a diagnosis.

History includes origin of current symptoms, general health, past history of spinal or other health issues, previous trauma etc. Sometimes past history is important even though you might not think it is relevant to your current problem. The more we know, the better we can help you.

Examination including orthopaedic and neurological testing, muscle testing, spinal assessment, postural assessment.

If previous x-rays/CT scans or MRI has been performed, please bring along to your first visit.

Depending on patients history and condition sometime further testing and imaging is needed before treatment can commence.

Please use the Wellness Check Questionnaire, print the result and bring it to your next appointment.